TSSG Data Centre

TSSG Data Centre

TSSG house and operate their own Data Centre facility

This facility supports over 50 concurrently active ICT research projects through the provisioning of Internet services, Cloud Computing resources, and project bespoke testbeds (such as Unified Communications, SDN/NFV, Internet of Things, etc.) and research equipment.

TSSG Data Centre also houses research infrastructure for other research groups and centres, such as ICHEC’s Super Computer ‘Fionn’ and CONNECT’s Pervasive Nation Testbed.

The Data Centre was designed for functional modularity, with separate rooms for servers, networking equipment, UPSs and batteries, with the generator and cooling equipment located outside. Each room in the Data Centre is designed to use the best cooling option for that function. For example, the UPSs and batteries are located in exterior rooms using natural ventilation and small fans for cooling.

As a result, the Server Room of the Data Centre has no hot or cold aisles. All the heat/cooling is contained inside the server cabinets, making the server room both comfortable and quiet.

The Data Centre has an IT power load of 300kW, with cabinets engineered to house 30kW of IT equipment. 1+1 300kW UPSs and an 800kW Generator provide the backup power. The Data Centre uses Rittal LCP technology, which uses chilled water (at 15°C) and provides free cooling 80% of the time.

As the Data Centre is Water-cooled, higher densities than traditional air-cooled systems can be achieved allowing a smaller overall footprint as more servers can be packed into the cabinets and there is no need for the traditional CRAC units in the server room.

TSSG Data Centre currently supports over 160 physical servers, providing more than 1,000 cpu cores for processing and 400 virtual servers for cloud computing. In addition, there is over ½ PB (that 512 TB) of Data Storage, and ~3,000 network ports. All of which provide a high-level of interconnectivity and flexibility for TSSG’s research projects.

Cloud Resources at TSSG

TSSG have a large-scale (40+ server) multiple OpenStack cloud deployments, that leverages a highly performant SDN network, capable of 160Gbps per leaf node. In addition, storage is provided via a 300TB ScaleIO cluster. These cloud platforms are used to provide compute resources, VNFs, virtual networks, and big data clusters; and are fully accessible by the other testbed resources.

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