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TSSG present paper at AINA 2012

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Annie Ibrahim Rana, a PhD Student at the Telecommunications System & Software Group (TSSG) presented her paper at the Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2012).

The 26th IEEE International Conference was held in Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT) in Japan from March 26-29, 2012. The conference covered theory, design and application of computer networks and distributed computing and information systems. Aside from the regular presentations, the conference included keynote addresses with speakers from both industry and academia. There were also more than 20 workshops in conjunction with the conference.

The paper presented by Annie Ibrahim Rana, entitled “Semantic Uplift of Monitoring Data to Select Policies to Manage Home Area Networks”, outlined a technique for the semantic uplift of monitoring data (capturing real-time events) and selection of policies to manage monitored network events. The proposed technique defines a mechanism to implement autonomic control loop in home area networks. The proposed technique uses an ontology-based semantic model to contextualize monitoring data and selects the most appropriate policies to manage home area networks. The major contributions of this paper are the algorithms developed for semantic uplift and policy selection. The technique is explained and evaluated using two test cases, and the paper concludes with a discussion on limitations and future work. To learn more click here.

Annie Ibrahim Rana is part of the FAME research group under Dr. Brendan Jennings. This Research Group develops autonomic management solutions incorporating new semantic analysis techniques, that can be applied to build federated network and service management systems that understand changes in the environment and coordinate their actions to reconfigure network resources and services to effectively deliver services on an end-to-end basis. To learn more about FAME, please click here.

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