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Action Research Colloquium at TSSG

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Dr Kevin Quinn from The Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) presented an abstract of a paper along with Dr Ann Graham Cagney from the School of Education, WIT at the the Action Research Colloquium on the 24th May.

The Action Research Colloquium event brings together practitioners and researchers from different areas including business, industry, healthcare, education and tourism. The 2012 Colloquium had two streams: paper presentations and practice workshops.

The theme for 2012 was ‘Collaborative Research – Values and Impact’. To facilitate the colloquium’s conversation focus, both streams were structured to maximise time for discussion.

Dr. Kevin Quinn, TSSG, presented a paper titled ‘Thinking and Talking Across the Disciplines – the RDLE effect’ which he has written with Dr. Anne Graham. The paper investigated the transformational effect of technology on how we live, and its application to different work disciplines are some of the ongoing societal challenges of the future. Radically rethinking our education system in order to cultivate creativity, innovation and thinking across the disciplines is one way of preparing for this future. Post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers need to develop cross-disciplinary skills to communicate with, and apply their research to, industry organisations working in a similar discipline (such as IT or medicine) and with organisations working in other disciplines. Therefore researchers must develop new and different skills and perspectives

Additional workshops will address getting work published, building interest in action research across different fields and influencing policy. The Action Research Colloquium will provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to present their work and to engage with critical issues emerging in the field. The conference will have Professor Rami Shani and Dr Clare Rigg as keynote speakers.

Additional Information:
View Dr Kevin Quinn’s full 2 page abstract, AR Colloquim 2012 AGKQ

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