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TSSG staff member Presents paper at SWIIS 2012

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Arnauld Mwafise, Software Engineer at the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) presented a paper titled ‘Determinants of User adoption of Mobile Electronic Payment Systems for Microfinance Institutions in Developing Countries’ on the 11th June at The IFAC conference on International Stability & Systems Engineering (SWIIS 2012).

The International Stability and Systems Engineering Conference, (SWIIS2012) was held at the Waterford Institute of Technology, Main Campus. This is a leading international conference which gathers scientists and professionals from all over the world and includes contributions from researchers and professionals from 19 countries across four continents. SWIIS 2012 is run in conjunction with the second International Systems Engineering and Systems Management Conference (SESEM 2012) and hosted by the INformation SYstems and TEchno-culture (INSYTE)
Centre, Waterford Institute of Technology from the 11th-13th June. It is also the major event of the IFAC Technical Committee for International Stability. Some of the topics discussed included Social and Cultural Aspects of Technology, Managing Technological Change and its Effects, Knowledge Management and Innovation Processes, Robotics and Mechatronic Systems and Machine Intelligence.

The paper presented by TSSG’s Arnauld Mwafise, highlighted the importance of mobile financial ICT and in particular m-payment systems to the economic development of developing countries. In particular, the paper presented an analysis of the findings on the socio-technical and institutional factors which could be identified as the basis to explain mobile micro-finance e-payment technology adoption from a research survey on the subject in Cameroon. Dr. Larry Stapleton of the Department of Computing at WIT who was Arnauld’s M.Sc. thesis supervisor was the co-author.

Arnauld Mwafise is part of the TSSG’s Data Mining & Social Computing Research Unit, managed by Eric Robson.

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