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TSSG Organise BIC Workshop in Brussels

By 2nd July 2012 No Comments

The Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) organised a two day workshop in Brussels from the 21st-22nd June in partnership with the Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT (BIC) coordination action project which is currently on-going.
The 2 day workshops focused on both the strategic multi-lateral coordination of the cross domain activities within international cooperation and the tactical bi-lateral activities underway in Trustworthy ICT.

The event launched the workshops of the three BIC Working Groups (WG) which include Human oriented /citizen trust, privacy and security, focusing on topics related to a mulch-disciplinary approach for international cooperation amongst all stakeholders; Network Information security / Cyber security, focusing on topics related to the need for international cooperation for enabling the protection of networks and systems; Programme /funding focus/ identify community, focusing on requirements, processes, mechanisms and barriers to enable collaboration opportunities.

The BIC project fosters cooperation across the international programme agencies and researchers within areas of Trustworthy ICT, in order to better understand the activities and planning of target countries including Brazil, India and South Africa, whilst also trying to map and communicate the European Commission’s planning so that a common technical and policy alignment is viable.
Jim Clarke is the project coordinator for the BIC project within TSSG.

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