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Betapond Acquire iPlatform

By 4th October 2012 No Comments

4th October 2012

[frame_left][/frame_left]Founded in Waterford in 2009, Betapond, a Facebook marketing technology company which builds, develops and licences social and mobile technology services and applications incorporating a range of social mechanics, including social games, location marketing basic competitions and sweepstakes for the Facebook platform, recently acquired iPlatform, the UK’s first Facebook-preferred developer .

Betapond clients include Marks& Spencer, Unilever, Intel, Nokia, Tesco, Heinz, Red Bull among many others.

Betapond previously worked with the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) on a collaborative Enterprise Ireland funded ‘Innovation Partnership’ project. TSSG worked with Betapond to develop a scalable platform that could run several mobile and web applications simultaneously using a single server whilst also handling increased loads and traffic spikes more efficiently.

iPlatform which Betapond acquired, is a London based technology company that specialises in building social applications for the Facebook and Facebook Connect Platforms which will result in Betapond growing to 30 London-based employees in 2013.The announcement was made during ‘Social Media Week’ 24th– 28th September.

News Coverage of this announcement included an article in SiliconRepublic which can be seen in full here.

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