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TSSG Student Submits PhD Work

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9th October 2012


The Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) are delighted to announce the enormous achievement of Leigh Griffin, who, on the 28th of September, presented and submitted his PhD dissertation. Leigh was supervised in TSSG by Mr. Eamonn de Leastar and Dr. Dmitri Botvich. His internal examiner was Steven Davy and the external examiner was Professor Nazim Agoulmine of the University of Evry, France.

Leigh began his research in the TSSG in September 2007, initially as an MSc student before transitioning his research to PhD level in November 2009. Leigh is a current member of the newly forming Emerging Networks Laboratory (ENL) Group and previously worked on the HEA funded Futurecomm project.

Leigh’s dissertation was entitled “Managing the Formation and Interaction of Groups within Emerging Social Networks.” The thesis looked at the formation, evolution and management of groups within modern social networks, which pose significant challenges and opportunities. Challenges arise from a combination of ubiquitous connectivity coupled with innovative and inexpensive cloud infrastructure, yielding new usage patterns which push existing service architectures, management infrastructure and technology stacks to their limits. Opportunities for remedying this situation arose from re-thinking the formation and management of social media groups and introducing innovative models, notations, algorithms and implementation strategies. To this end, his work analysed emerging group formation and interaction patterns, applied new approaches to current prominent protocols and evaluated resultant behavior and performance characteristics. An innovative architecture model evolved, which can flexibly match the performance and scalability requirements likely to emerge in next generation social network platforms.

Leigh, like all TSSG PhD students enjoyed the research environment offered within the TSSG, “The research environment within the TSSG facilitated the investigations necessary for me to complete my PhD. The nature of my research field brought me into contact with a number of disciplines such as Security and Privacy Management as well as best practices within software engineering such as emerging languages and platforms. The broad range of research groups and the quality of the researchers available within the TSSG allowed me access to experts within these domains. ” said Leigh after defending his PhD dissertation. Once Leigh submits his changes, there will be board meeting and their results will be ratified by academic council who award PhD’s.

Having a support team of fellow students, supervisors and world class researchers provides students with easily accessible advice in every area, from work on particular aspects of a problem, through generic training skills, to assistance with the writing of a research paper. The TSSG has a strong emphasis on publishing in good conferences and journals and Leigh was no different, with 10 peer reviewed publications over the course of his PhD. With his PhD submitted, Leigh is looking forward to the future “I hope to stay working at TSSG and develop the work I have done so far, I’m very excited about future prospects and the possibilities are endless”.

Congratulations also goes to Leigh’s supervisors; Dr. Dmitri Botvich, Chief Scientist, and Mr. Eamonn de Leaster, Chief Technical Officer, TSSG.


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