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TSSG Present at AmI2012

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07th January 2013


Mark Roddy, Project Workpackage Leader/Researcher at the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) presented at the AmI2012 Conference in Pisa, 13th November during the “Applying AmI technologies to crisis management” workshop.

Mr. Roddy’s paper was entitled “An Analysis of the use of Cognitive Surplus in Disaster Relief  Scenarios” and looked at techniques for harnessing the cognitive surplus of online communities to help in the assistance of managing global disasters. Relief experts on the ground are continually being confronted with life and death scenarios, so how can they trust the veracity of any assistance provided by the online community? By providing examples of existing disaster management systems that have successfully leveraged the online community to assist in disaster relief, this paper suggests that online philanthropy exists, albeit this assistance does need to be manually verified. The paper went on to use the results from an online survey to hypothesize a collective intelligence model for trusting this assistance. The potential impact of this could be to reduce the burden that the disaster relief teams have to exert in order to verify and validate this assistance. The workshop was co-hosted by the SOCIETIES project.

Mark Roddy is currently involved in the TSSG group Experimental Facilities Management (EFM).

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