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Latency management for the Financial Services sector

By 13th February 2013 No Comments

13th February, 2013

A research team at the Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunications Software & Systems Group have developed a novel system for accurately monitoring the latency of ultra fast communication networks used to provide latency sensitive services such as voice over IP (Viber), video conferencing (Skype, Facetime, Hangout) and data services (Facebook, Internet Banking). The team are initially using the technology to aid Financial Services, where a competitive advantage is gained by providing ultra low latency connections for transactions. However the technology is also applicable to a wide range of applications which are latency sensitive such as voice over IP and video conferencing.

Within the Financial Services sector, good latency management can mean a competitive advantage, however bad latency management can directly impact on revenue streams. LANTERN will empower system administrators with detailed and high-resolution latency information of network paths using novel measurement algorithms developed by Dr. Alan Davy, namely the Effective Bandwidth – Effective Capacity estimation system. This will allow for improved traffic management tailored to financial applications with specific latency requirements. This enables service providers to maintain ultra low latency guarantees on service offerings and to preemptively resolve issues of congestion.

The algorithms central to the product have been developed over 5 years of research carried out during Dr. Davy’s PhD studies and postdoc fellowship. The current technology has resulted in the filing of a patent with the European Patent Office.

LANTERN is an Enterprise Ireland funded commercialisation project led by TSSG that will run for 18 Months from Dec 1st 2012.  The objective of the project is to develop a production ready system and to carry out a number of customer trials to validate the technology.

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