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Future Internet Assembly to bring global leaders to Dublin for major three day event

By 3rd May 2013 No Comments

(Photo L-R: Barry Downes Chief Executive Officer, TSSG &
 Dr. Willie Donnelly, Director of TSSG)

Ireland the leading location for leaders of the future internet, TSSG Director says…

IRELAND is ideally positioned to be a leading force in the development of the next generation internet and, as a small, open economy and a community which is engaging in nature, we are best placed to shape what is now a citizen-driven technology, the organisers of an imminent assembly say.

Industry leaders from Intel, Bell Labs and others will join with academics and technology experts from around the world for the landmark Future Internet Assembly (FIA) from May 8-10. It’s a major think tank, technology-showcasing and networking opportunity at The Helix in Dublin and is organised by globally-renowned experts from Waterford Institute of Technology’s (WIT) Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG).

The Assembly is very much a research community driven initiative, supported by more than 150 research projects that have recognised the need to strengthen European activities on the future internet to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Together with the TSSG, the community has established a successful and unique conference that brings together experts from several distinct but interrelated areas in the EU Framework Programme 7. Importantly, these participants will also share scientific and technical results and discuss cross-domain research topics around the notion of creating new future internet technologies, applications, and services with a global perspective.

Ireland is ideally poised to be a lead player in shaping the future internet, TSSG founder and Director, Dr Willie Donnelly, says. While it may have started out as more of a ‘play thing’, the internet is now at the heart of society and has changed everything from our buying and viewing patterns to how we bank, monitor our health and view government. Being at the heart of shaping its future is a clear and very attainable pathway out of recession for Ireland, Dr Donnelly believes.

“We have a highly educated workforce. All the key players such as Google, Intel, Ericsson, Amazon and others are here. We’re also a community-based society and engage with one another more. We know what we want of the future internet and aren’t afraid to voice our opinions.
“The next generation internet will have people rather than technical experts at its heart. The initial design may come from a software house but the future internet will be customised to how its citizens use it and will be modified to our needs and uses.

“We’re an open economy, well used to dealing with the world. The fact that we’re on the edge of Europe is not a disadvantage. We can still be at its heart as it is all virtual. We have it all. The timing is perfect. The internet is going through massive change. Ireland is expertly positioned to drive that change and this is the model for driving the next Tiger economy. We just need to leverage all of these advantages into a coherent strategy to do it,” Dr Donnelly said.

TSSG has already achieved incredible results through its focused work at Arc Labs in Waterford. It has created 440 jobs in the region and a further 160 jobs in direct spin-outs. As a centre of excellence for ICT research and innovation, it carries out a wide spectrum of industry-informed research in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), particularly technologies enabling communications and information services.

Over the past five years, TSSG has delivered innovative solutions to over 110 Irish companies, and has created 11 spin out companies in the South East, including the award winning FeedHenry, a groundbreaking mobile cloud platform company which employs 60, and ZolkC, a leading provider of mobile technology for international visitor attractions.

Other success stories include:
• Nubiq Technology Group which provides mobile website generation
• Muzu, the artists online television networks

FI is being held in association with the Irish presidency of the Council of the EU and recognises the urgent need to redesign significant part of the Internet, taking a broad multidisciplinary approach, to meet European societal, business and technology ambitions.

The event will focus on how European Future Internet research and innovation will support EU’s competitiveness and enable a new wave of technologies at the eve of Horizon 2020.

FIA Dublin will be framed around two major themes, that of European competitiveness: towards a strong, diversified and competitive EU Future Internet industrial base, with high innovation performance in global markets. European research & innovation is the second theme and discussion will focus on a more effective exploitation of EU Future Internet research results from industry, academia and research