TSSG at FIA Dublin, 2013

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Tuesday 07th May – pre-FIA Workshops


Title – ‘Testing Mobile social applications and Open source forges’.

9:30am -12:30am


’Enabling European trials in the Smart Energy Domain’.


Project: Aniketos

Title: Sustaining Service-Oriented Computing in the Future Internet


While Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) introduces convenient paradigms for developing applications to be deployed in the Future Internet, enabling technologies need to drastically evolve to face the challenges that are posed. It is further a critical requirement that service-oriented systems developed for and in the Future Internet meet the expected level of quality, and especially security considering the openness and dynamics of the networking environment.

Full Day.

Thursday 09th May

Research Group: Data Mining & Social Computing:

FIA Session hosted by the OPENi Project and SOCIETIES

Title “Boosting the App Economy”.

11:30am – Studio Room

Friday 10th May

FIA Sessions

Research Group: Data Mining & Social Computing:

Title: “Open Data in Future Internet”


11.00am – Blue Room.

Research Unit – Security and Trust

Title: How far do we have to go to make the Future Internet Secure? Research challenges and perspectives for the Future Internet.


This session will provide a forward looking view on relevant trustworthy ICT future issues and how security-by-design can address these, looking at these issues both at a European and international level. Each actor in the infrastructure, data and services space must play their part in making the ecosystem secure.

With this in mind, the following priority areas will be addressed in three distinct sessions:

1. Secure network and infrastructures – where are the new vulnerabilities and how to address them?

2. Security and big data – what are the issues and how can we respond?

3. Trustworthy software and services – how far can we go beyond the current state of the art?

11.00am – The Space.

Research Group: 3MT

3MT will be participating and supporting the pre-FIA workshops (http://www.fi-dublin.eu/pre-fia-workshop-list/)


Project Demonstration Booths:

TSSG Staff will be present throughout the FIA showcasing outputs for the following projects: