TSSG student presents paper at IT&T 2013

By 22nd May 2013 No Comments

TSSG PhD student Runxin Wang recently presented a paper entitled ‘Experimental evaluation of vector bin packing algorithms on VM consolidations in cloud data centres’, at the 12th Information Technology & Telecommunications (IT&T) conference in Athlone, Ireland. The paper is written by John Furlong, Dr Lei Shi and Runxin Wang; it describes a set of performance evaluations carried out on Virtual Machine (VM) consolidation algorithms used to manage virtual computing resources in cloud computing data centers. When formalizing the problem, VM consolidations can be represented as a bin packing problem, as the application of virtualization technology and live migration allow a large number of VMs, treated as items, to be migrated and concurrently hosted into relatively fewer number of Physical Machines (PMs), treated as bins, as long as the sum capacity of the co-located VMs does not exceed the capacity of a hosting PM. This paper aims to find out which bin packing strategies result in minimal numbers of PMs used to host the given VMs and minimal numbers of migration requested to realize the consolidation.

The IT&T conference in this year was sponsored by Ericsson, the proceedings are comprised of research papers and posters from both academia and industry, providing a good opportunity for the practitioners to discuss their early ideas and results.