TSSG’s first “nano” publication

By 12th May 2013 No Comments

TSSG researhers have made their first foray into the nascent world of “nano-publishing.” TSSG researchers Bernard Butler and Dr Brendan Jennings recently published a paper in the Tiny Transactions on Computer Science. This new online scientific journal markets itself as “premier venue for computer science research of 140 characters or less.” The main body of all the papers are this short so that they can be tweeted via the journals twitter account @tinytocs, providing a useful way to widely disseminate research results. Bernard and Brendan’s paper is entitled “How soon can you decide whether Alice is permitted to communicate or share resources with Bob?”. It reads as follows:

Guaranteeing access control policy evaluation performance is hard. Results from scalable web systems and semantic analysis show promise.

The full paper (which includes a short abstract) can be downloaded here.