ArcLabs Tech Sessions

By 13th June 2013 No Comments

TSSG recently held the first ArcLabs Tech Session. These Tech Sessions are designed to crowd-source material from a conference and disseminate it amongst those taking part in the session. The recent Google I/O Conference was chosen as the topic for the June event. 16 participants from WIT, TSSG and OSS Software condensed 12 hours of video footage into informal presentations (or talks) lasting less than an hour in total.

In total, the session lasted just 2 hours. This included time required to split participants into groups, select a video from the conference and review and collate notes with others of their group. The ArcLabs Tech Sessions are open to anyone wishing to participate and a Google+ community has been created around them.

The Session was organised by Jerry Horgan from TSSG. The next session is currently being planned for July 2013.

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