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TSSG attends the 1st International Summer School on Nanocommunications

By 12th June 2013 No Comments

TSSG PhD student, Michael Taynnan Barros attended the 1st International Summer School on Nanocommunications in the Technical University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland, during May 21st-23rd. Mr. Barros is currently performing research in molecular communications, focusing on calcium signaling based nanonetworks.

The event featured the leading experts in the nascent Nanocommunication area, who provided enlightening presentations about the state of art, future trends and possible application domains. More than 20 students and researchers were in Finland with the intention to learn and discuss about Molecular Communications and Nano Netoworks. Prof. Ian Akyildiz, Broadband Wireless Networking Lab with Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, opened the event with a talk about the Internet of Nano Things, where he stated that nanomachines will have a major spot in the future of human development providing infrastructure and services.

Prof. Ian Akyildiz opens the summer school with a talk on the Internet of Nano Things


Highlights of the second day were the talks from Dr Sasitharan Balasubramanian (Research Fellow, Technical University of Tampere, Finland and a TSSG alumni) and Prof. Craig Forest (Assistant Prof., Georgia Institute of Technology, USA). Both concentrated on bacteria communication networks. Dr Baslasubramaniam showed the current state-of-the-art the multi-hop bacteria communications. He presented a novel routing protocol that uses a biological technique called bacteria conjugation. On the other hand, Prof. Forest presented a methodology to build microfluid devices for empirical analysis of bacteria molecular communications.

Dr Olga Kara (Research Fellow, Technical University of Tampere, Finland) presented, on the last day, an interesting research about communications systems using neuronal cells. The research aims to provide a communication infrastructure for nanomachines using the neuronal cells as a communication channel.