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FINESCE attends XIFI Security workshop

By 3rd September 2013 No Comments

On Tuesday 27th August, members of the FINESCE WP5 team successfully participated in a XIFI workshop to evaluate security requirements from an electricity grid operator’s perspective, with an additional crucial objective to determine a potential use case to be trialled between the projects.

TSSG, members of both XIFI and FINESCE, hosted the meeting at their premises in Waterford, and members of ESB and RWTH Aachen were in attendance.

During the workshop, both projects familiarised themselves with the content and context of the respective work plans. FINESCE outlined the various Smart Grid trials that are being developed in WP5 and XIFI provided details of their platform and network rollout, and also the availability of their resources to support the FINESCE trials.

The projects successfully identified a potential Use Case – to utilise XIFI resources to run large numbers of emulated EVSEs (charge points) to exercise the Charging Optimisation System (COS) and associated APIs being developed in FINESCE. In this Use Case, it is envisaged that XIFI will host the emulated VM images (supplied by FINESCE WP5) and XIFI will establish secure network connectivity to the FINESCE WP5 energy management system.

John Howard, WP5 leader for FINESCE, summarised the event: “A great opportunity to get a heads-up on the wider FI-PPP world, and to deepen our collaboration with the XIFI Project.”

Eamonn Power, XIFI manager for TSSG and host of the workshop, said: “We’d like to extend official communication channels of the XIFI consortium and help the FINESCE contribution to requirements and use cases (shared goals of both projects). Our primary goal was getting to know the ESB team and their work in FINESCE. We also wanted to promote awareness of the XIFI federation. I thought it was great for the teams to meet and gain a common understanding.”

For more information on XIFI, contact Eamonn Power or go to http://www.tssg.org/projects/xifi/

For more information on FINESCE, contact Jesse Kielthy or go to http://www.tssg.org/projects/finesce/