TSSG to showcase at Enterprise Ireland Big Ideas Event 2013

By 24th September 2013 No Comments

The TSSG will be participating in Enterprise Ireland’s annual technology transfer gathering at the Big Ideas Technology Showcase at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin, on 25th September. This year Miguel Ponce de Leon will present an on-demand cloud–based “Platform as a Service” for Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC).

A 2 minute overview of the technology can be seen on this You Tube clip.

This event provides an opportunity for Irish universities and Institutes of Technology to get together and to exhibit their latest and greatest technologies to a wide audience that includes company executives, investors and entrepreneurs.

So how is this new platform different, Miguel will present a solution that allows non-specialists to create and adopt realtime communications easier and faster into their website. The platform brings two major enhancements to WebRTC technology. Firstly, at the front-end, it simplifies the in-browser communication interfaces, allowing developers to incorporate WebRTC into their own application by literally applying a couple of lines of code. Secondly, at the back-end, the platform has taken away the complexities of setup, billing, signaling and termination of voice, video and multimedia calls, by integrating its own carrier-class call processing platform into its PaaS offering.

The platform makes browser-to-browser and browser-to-phone communication seamless to the developers, and truly empowers them to bring rapidly and effectively, multimedia communications to their applications. As an acknowledgement of this unique value it brings to the industry, Miguel is glad to say that this WebRTC PaaS platform is already in trial phase with two major Mobile Network Operators in Europe and North America, and is being adopted by a growing number of developers.