Japanese and Irish researchers jointly develop ground-breaking technology that could lead to cheaper electricity prices.

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05th September, 2013.

NTT DATA Corporation and TSSG have participated in a collaborative research project which started in November 2012 and jointly announce they have developed an energy management solution using Big Data analytics to improve predictions in market intelligence of electricity demand, pricing and renewable generation.

These results herald the beginning of the next phase of this long-term project, focused on facing the global uncertainties of matching future electricity supply and demand.

Ireland’s embracing of renewable energy generation serves as an attractive test-bed in demonstrating the viability of reliance on renewable energy.  The joint initiative developed a model that allows energy suppliers to predict energy demand for every 15 minutes in the next 24 hours, using historical data and weather data.  By doing this, it successfully counteracts unpredictable factors, such as weather patterns in safeguarding the stability of a national grid infrastructure through leading-edge Big Data algorithms.

In Japan, there are significant opportunities in the electricity generation sector, driven by the impending liberalization and expansion of the electricity market. This expansion also includes demands by government to incorporate substantial levels of renewable energy generation, requiring new and existing power companies to act immediately in this regard.

The research focused on the analysis of historical electricity generation and weather data taken over the previous five years, to produce a predictive model for electricity power generation and pricing over 15 minute intervals. To enhance the accuracy of the algorithm a feedback mechanism was developed to directly address the impact of energy demand on the pricing model. This groundbreaking invention empowers the energy sector with improved visibility on directly matching electricity supply with demand leading to potential operational and cost efficiencies in the market, in essence providing the platform to pass on savings to consumers during times of optimal renewable generation.

NTT DATA and TSSG will expand the collaborative research based on the current results and will aim for building an energy management solution and undertaking a live experiment in the near future.

Dr. Kitani, Senior Vice President, Research and Development Headquarters of NTT DATA, said:
“I am pleased that we developed successful results in collaboration with TSSG since November 2012 as the first step for NTT DATA to extend our R&D capabilities into Ireland.  This forms part of our partnership expansion strategy with research institutes worldwide to explore advanced technologies and create new services, NTT DATA is extending our collaboration scheme with TSSG and building a long-term relationship with Ireland by executing the next phase of the project.”

Dr. Donnelly, Director of the TSSG, said:
“The TSSG is proud to announce the completion of the first phase of this joint collaboration. We are very proud to be associated with a world leader such as NTT DATA. Collectively we have developed unique expertise in the important area of renewable energy management which will bring economic benefit to Japan and Ireland. We value the relationship with NTT DATA and are committed to the establishment of a joint world class centre of excellence to leverage our expertise in Big Data, Utility Management and Communication Networks.”

This technology is one of the activities related to NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2013 [Note 1] technology trend “Strategic data collection and analysis”.

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About TSSG
The TSSG is a world leader in the area of adaptive networks and services with particular emphasis on ubiquitous communications environments based at Waterford Institute of Technology. Data Analytics and in particular the management of Big Data forms a core part of its research program. Through the ‘SFI SRC Fame’ program (Note 2), TSSG has established a strategic research program with many international organizations. It is a major participant in the European Framework Future Internet research program including the FINSENY and FINESCE projects (Note 3), addressing smart energy. It has established an innovation platform for the exploitation of its research outs. This platform has resulted in the creation of 10 companies employing more than 200 people.

The TSSG was formed as part of the Waterford Institute of Technology (a university-level institution based in the South East of Ireland with over 10,000 students and 1,000 staff) in 1996 focusing on research in mobile and fixed-line telecoms. TSSG has engaged with over 425 partners across 35 countries worldwide e, on collaborative research projects. They are considered leaders in the EU Framework Programs (FP) and have contributed significantly to setting the European research agenda.


Note for Editors

(Note 1) NTT DATA Technology Foresight is a study of the near future and technology trends which NTT DATA publishes annually.

Based on current social and business issues, a broad range of research and interviews with industry experts, we obtain insights into the near future in terms of information society and technology trends which are likely to make a significant impact on our customers’ mid to long term business. NTT DATA Technology Foresight

(Note 2) ‘SFI SRC Fame’ is a Strategic Research Cluster funded by Science Foundation Ireland investigating Federated, Autonomic Management of End-to-end communication services

(Note 3) FINSENY project: Project to conduct demonstration tests in cooperation with ICT businesses and energy-related businesses in Europe with an eye to clarifying ICT requirements for prediction control and optimization by smart grids.  FINESCE builds on and extends the results of the FINSENY project to realise sustainable real time smart energy services. The consortium includes leading energy and ICT operators, manufacturers and service providers as well as research organisations and SMEs from all over Europe

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