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OpenLab scores EXCELLENT in EU technical review

By 29th January 2014 No Comments


OpenLabLogoOpenLab is an EU FP7 funded project exploring options for federating heterogeneous testbeds across wired, wireless and virtual testbed resources. The projects M24 technical review was held in Athens late last year and was attended by the two TSSG researchers collaborating on the project, Joe Tynan and Phelim Dowling. The results of that review were published recently and we can now report that the project received a top scoring of ‘Excellent’ from the reviewers. The project officer, Georges Lobo, indicated that the project had fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period and even exceeded expectations.

This marvellous result is testament to the hard work by the original 19 partners who came together to drive the creation of a large scale, sustainable and shared experimental facility along with the 8 new partners who were co-opted along the way to execute real life experiment scenarios.

The remaining period of the project will see the TSSG endeavour to interconnect our IMS testbed with the testbeds of our partners in University of Patras, Univeristy College London and PlanetLab Europe using PLE overlays via silver-openvswitch. Another goal being advanced through the final phase of the project is a comprehensive exploitation plan.

For further information on OpenLab see OpenLab Website