eDrive, through TSSG collaboration, recruits engineers

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eDrive, a hugely successful Waterford based company, employ more than 70 employees nationally with a network of over 120 field engineers covering the UK and Ireland.

At present eDrive are currently recruiting in a number of areas and expect to increase their headcount by a further 25 within the next 12 months.

Having identified a highly innovative opportunity within the market place, eDrive collaborated with TSSG, using their research excellence in this area, to deliver a cutting edge solution that will be called Mysafedrive. The product will transform the future of driver safety across Europe.

Mervyn O’Callaghan, Managing Director of eDrive says, “Through the relationship with TSSG, eDrive has access to cutting edge R&D and the researchers producing it, R&D funding from national and European sources and a steady pipeline of highly talented scientists and engineers already indoctrinated with a commercial mentality. The eco-system at TSSG will help eDrive deliver the new product, Mysafedrive, to market which in turn will allow eDrive to grow over the coming months.”

Mysafedrive, which will launch later this year, will enable consumers to convert their vehicle into a smart car without having to wait for motor manufacturers or insurance companies to impose this on them in the future. The Mysafedrive model puts the consumer in full control of what data is collected and with whom it is shared. It is envisaged this will give consumers, who avail of the Mysafedrive programme, significant savings and benefits in their vehicle operating costs.

Prof Willie Donnelly, founder of TSSG and Head of Research at WIT, spoke at the opening of TSSG’s new €5 million research building NetLabs. “eDrive’s collaboration with TSSG is a perfect example of how SMEs can link with us, leverage our research expertise and funding capabilities to help drive their businesses. The substantial funding available through Horizon 2020 provides indigenous enterprise with a real opportunity to expand into high value areas. WIT and TSSG are ready, willing and able to help them.

“I am delighted to see eDrive thriving and the TSSG team will continue to support them to deliver their unique product ‘Mysafedrive’ directly into the market place.”

TSSG aims through collaboration with industry, to double its research funding under the Horizon 2020 programme, which will impact greatly on not just the local economy but Ireland as a whole. TSSG have created a critical mass of ICT industries in the South East and will continue to be a hub for telecommunications excellence in Ireland.

This project is supported by Enterprise Ireland, combining existing research conducted by the TSSG in the Telecom’s field with EU R&D in personal data management (www.openi-ict.eu) and re-applying it to the smart cars domain.

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