Making Customer Contact more Human

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Minister Quinn AltoCloud

TSSG and Altocloud started their partnership in January 2013 with an Enterprise Ireland (EI) Innovation Voucher, moved to a prototype investigation and last October entered into an EI Innovation Partnership to establish a market-ready product and provide development infrastructure and process consultancy. To date, TSSG have investigated cloud hosted PaaS systems on which to base the entire Altocloud platform and are currently exploiting an innovative container technology to allow Altocloud to create their own PaaS service and maximise virtual machine instances’ usage.

Today, 13 March 2014, Altocloud (http://www.altocloud.com/) is launching its call centre platform and will be presenting it at the Enterprise Connect conference (http://www.enterpriseconnect.com/) in Florida, USA next week. Their platform is focused on disrupting the current customer contact industry by allowing “click-to-call” functionality to be incorporated into an organization’s website. This will allow customers to easily connect to a sales agent via an audio-visual link and allow the sales agent to deal with the customer in a richer contextual manner.

Using the browser-based media communication standard, WebRTC, customer contacts can be handled in a peer-to-peer manner rather than relying on conventional telephone-based systems currently in use in call centres. Due to customer/sales agent communication being browser based, the opportunity to gather more analytic information from each transaction can be exploited to make the interaction more useful for both parties allowing the customer to ask for help with filling in online forms and the sales agent to use more information about the customer to customise the interaction.

Full Altocloud launch press release