Societies present at CloudWatch

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2014BrusselsConcertation-300x160The  CloudWatch Hub Concertation meeting was chaired by Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT Services & Coordinator, CloudWATCH.  Ken Ducatel, Head of Unit, Software & Services, Cloud Computing, EU Commission, presented the EU’s cloud strategy, and its impact for DG-CONNECT.
 SOCIETIES participated at the meeting in Brussels, with a lightening talk and a position paper. In the SOCIETIES position paper outlined the overlaps between SOCIETIES work done and the EU cloud computing strategy.  As a call 5 project, some of the key insights from running end-user field trials were included,  and some of the results from the project presented.

More interesting was the break out sessions on various crosscutting topics.  SOCIETIES highlighted data portability, moving data between cloud service providers as a key area.  Cloud providers a good at importing data but give almost no export options, other than a technology dependant backup.  Transparency, covering deployment cost, was agreed as potential areas that may need to addressed in future.   SOCIETIES indicated how tricky it is to get an accurate estimate of how much a cloud deployment should cost for 30 end-users, when compared to the actual costs on say Amazon. We also highlighted the potential confusion of end-users when presented with complicated privacy statements. So transparency should also apply to privacy aspects.

The SOCIETIES consortium partners will follow the outputs of these call 8 and 10 projects with interest, to monitor improvements on SLA handling, lock-free data-structures, and cloud service modeling. The results should prove interesting for future research work.