The Future is OPEN

By 2nd April 2014 No Comments

OPENi logoWednesday and Thursday, March 13th and 14th were busy days for CloudWatch Hub as they hosted a concertation meeting in Brussels. OPENi participated in the lightening round of presentations Wednesday afternoon. It afforded a wonderful opportunity to see other cloud projects from Call 8 and Call 10. The timing of the meeting, six weeks out from H2020 Call 1 April 23rd deadline was ideal as it allowed us to see similar research and identify opportunities for collaboration and research development during H2020.

With the EU Commission striving to promote transparency and interoperability it was great to be able to promote that OPENi shares this vision.  Our plan for enabling citizens to control their own data in a way never really possible before, will unleash a new breed of application and application ecosystem focused on secure sharing of data in a trusted way amongst trusted entities. OPENi as presented to the delegates was well received.  While all projects were in the cloud space, it was interesting that there was such a diverse range of work being carried out in the area and OPENi cloudlets were seen as a rather unique take on personal clouds.

On Thursday six CIP-funded initiatives were presented, all of which are involved in bringing public services to the cloud. Ken Ducatel, Head of Unit, Software & Services, Cloud Computing, EU Commission, had told the meeting that early adopters of cloud within public bodies had achieved significant cost savings. The projects presenting under CIP were able to detail some of the work already underway with city councils and municipalities.

There is an exciting prospect of potentially life changing services which can be developed by both local authorities themselves and private enterprise in cities all over Europe during H2020. This is a thrilling opportunity.

OPENi is looking forward to being a useful tool in this future.

CloudWatch Hub Concertation meeting, held in Brussels and chaired by Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT Services & Coordinator, CloudWATCH. http://www.cloudwatchhub.eu/concertation_meeting_agenda