Future Internet research experiment to observe this weekend’s Sean Kelly Cycle Tour

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TSSG’s Experimental Facilities Management (EFM) group will host multi-national company NEC this weekend in a highly innovative Future Internet research experiment involving cyclists from the Sean Kelly Cycle Tour in County Waterford.
Technologies that were developed as part of the successfully completed EU FP7 funded SOCIETIES Project, coordinated by the TSSG, have now been short-listed to play a significant role in NEC’s future corporate portfolio.

In February of this year the TSSG and NEC showcased an early prototype of the technology to members of An Garda Siochana, the Waterford City Fire Service, and the Waterford County Civil Defence, at TSSG’s Arclabs Research & Innovation Centre on the WIT campus. The Civil Defence were so impressed by the potential of the technology on offer that they invited the team to explore how the technology could be adapted to assist them with their roles in future emergency response.

This weekend’s Sean Kelly Cycle Tour offers a unique opportunity to further investigate innovative communications software for large events spread over a wide geographical area. A number of NEC’s research engineers have arrived in Waterford to team up with researchers from the TSSG to observe the event. Throughout the weekend this collaborative ICT service development team will be escorted by the Civil Defence and gain insights about the processes of the preparations, inter-agency communications, coordination and operations of emegency response services during the live event. Participating in this event will provide a valuable learning experience, to inform plans for the design and development of a tailor made emergency response tool.

The Sean Kelly Cycle Tour of Waterford County is an event that covers three different routes, a 50 Km, 100 Km and 160Km cycle, and it is expected to have about 5,000 cyclists take part. The Waterford County Civil Defence is the lead agency in charge of coordinating and providing First Aid and Medical support to over 5,000 cyclists and more than 5,000 public supporters along the route.