TSSG play an active role in the EU – Brazil Cooperation activities for H2020

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Mr James Clarke (TSSG) application to participate in the week-long series of events has been accepted by the B.BICE+ project selection committee.

Mr James Clarke (TSSG) application to participate in the week-long series of events has been accepted by the B.BICE+ project selection committee.

The second EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – II EUBR 2014 took place from July 28th and July 29th, 2014 in Brasilia-DF, Brazil.  Mr. James Clarke, Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) made a presentation during the event entitled Inter-connected Continents: An EU-Brazil Cloud Infrastructure for Big Data, which included ideas for a proposal towards the EUBR1 element of the call.

 Mr. Clarke has been actively involved in the EU-Brazil landscape in the last three years as coordinator of the BIC project  (Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT with Brazil, India and South Africa. He also participated to EUBR2009 in São Paulo as a member of the EU delegation. During EUBR2014, a number of the BIC Brazil Extended Working Group members took part in both organisational roles and as presenters during this event. Details of the launch meeting of the BIC Brazil EWG can be found here. Mr. Clarke also presented the goals and objectives of the Science Foundation Ireland’s (SFI)  Research Brazil Ireland Project (RBI), to which Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) are an active member.

The main purpose of the event was to prepare the groundwork for collaborations between Brazil and EU researchers and innovators for the EUBR2015 call being launched for H2020 on 15th October 2014. The call is expected to have 3 key areas: EUB 1 – 2015: Cloud Computing, including security aspects; EUB 2 – 2015: High Performance Computing (HPC); and EUB 3 – 2015: Experimental Platforms.

The workshop was held during de XXXIV CSBC – Congress of the Computer Science Society, which is the major annual conference of Computer Science in Brazil. II EUBR 2014 was supported by the SBC, the SEPIN / MCTI of Brazil, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MBR), the European Union Delegation in Brasilia  and the DG Connect Unit of the European Commission.

During the EUBR 2014 event, on 29th July, a dedicated session related to EUBR 1 was held with the following goals:

1. Bring together experts, researchers and industry representatives from the EU and Brazil in order to identify common interests and foster the creation of partnerships that may result in project proposals related to Cloud Computing (deadline: 21 April 2015 – please check call text as some changes could arise).

2. Identify research and innovation challenges in the Cloud Computing area that should be addressed in a future EU-Brazil coordinated call.

The EUBR 1 workshop session was deemed a very good success and the main organisers, Francisco Medeiros (European Commission-DG CONNECT) and Lisandro Granville (CTIC/MCTI) concluded the session with high praise of the quality, interest and zeal of the 15 presenters from both the EU and Brazil.

More details on the Work programme for the EUBR 2015 call can be found HERE.

In parallel to the above event, the EU-Brazil International Cooperation project B.BICE+  have announced the results of the call for EU participants to the EU-Brazil Technology and Innovation Forum & Tour of Brazil (September 22nd – 25th, 2014).

Mr. James Clarke’s application to participate in the week-long series of events has been accepted by the B.BICE+ project selection committee.

The B.BICE+ tour includes a wide number of events in Belém, Brazil dedicated towards presentations and discussions and the pro-active pairing of European and Brazilian research and innovation actors for future collaborations.

B.BICE+ is an International Cooperation project funded by the European Commission, whose aim is to enhance bi-lateral cooperation and to support political dialogue in Science, Technology and Innovation among the European Commission, EU Member States, Associated Countries and Brazil. The project is, therefore, very much in alignment with the goals of the SFI’s RBI project, which is specifically focusing on the building of Ireland – Brazil research and innovation collaborations. It is also very much in alignment with the activities of the Waterford Institute of Technology’s International office, which has been very successful in attracting students from Brazil to Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). Please see the article about the recent March 2014 visit of Brazilian Ambassador HE Alfonso José Sena Cardosa to WIT HERE.

B.BICE+ and WIT-TSSG have worked already together when B.BICE+ participated to the BIC project’s Trustworthy ICT Brazil Working Group launch held in October 2013, as part of the Research Brazil Ireland annual conference in São Paulo. More information on the Working group meeting can be found here.

More information on the B.BICE+ event can be found in their latest newsletter at http://www.b-bice-plus.eu/news/newsletter/ or by contacting Mr. James Clarke at jclarke [at] tssg [dot] org.