Web Design Trends to watch out for in 2015

By 20th October 2014 No Comments

With the end of 2014 in sight it’s now time for us to take a look at what’s in store for web design trends in 2015.

What trends from 2014 will take over and what will disappear?

Flat Design, keeping it simple!
“Flat design” is a minimalistic style of design in which elements lose the fussy stylistic characters, such as gradients and shadows, which make them appear as though they lift off the page. Although flat design isn’t new, it is the most popular design trend currently. 2015 will be all about beautiful, minimal flat design, making way for more usability with lightweight websites and quick to download apps.

More scrolling, less clicking
With the popularity of mobile devices still on the rise, web design will continue to focus on effective and enjoyable user experiences, with scrolling dominating clicking. It’s more intuitive, easier to do, cuts down on load times and allows for more dynamic interaction to take place between the user and the website.

Less text, richer content experiences
Visual storytelling, such as using icons, infographics and large images to convey important information to users, is not new but will still be big in 2015. Using richer content experiences, through the combination of text with videos, images and interactive elements, will not only appeal but also hold the attention of your users.

Responsive, catering to all devices
Responsive design has become the new norm in web design, integrating itself as a standard rather than a trend. With more individuals browsing on mobiles rather than traditional computers, having a website that can be easily viewed on any device will be vital to give users the best experience possible.

Emphasis on typography
Having the right font is key to any design project so say goodbye to boring old fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial. With an increased emphasis on content, rich typography will continue to be a dominating design element into 2015, with bigger font sizes and mixing & matching becoming more popular.

As you can see, a lot of popular trends from this year will continue to grow and mature in 2015 due to the needs of the ever-growing mobile market, with users expecting to experiences that are functional, fast, but also visually pleasing.

Will these trends still be big in 2016? That depends on how we use and develop them over the coming year!