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OpenLab scores ‘Excellent’ in final Technical Review

By 18th November 2014 No Comments

The EU funded OpenLab project held its final Technical Review in Paris recently. The expert panel scored the project a top mark of ‘Excellent’ and highlighted the impressive performance of the team in terms of technical output, impact and management. TSSG were partners and active contributors to this successful venture over the past 3 years.

When OpenLab kicked off in September 2011, the partners set ambitious goals to create a federation of heterogeneous testbeds where future internet experimenters could research and trial their new solutions. The success of the two open calls within the project highlight the achievements in this space with new academic and commercial partners joining the project and executing innovative and boundary pushing experiments.

To future proof the work completed within the project a sustainable facility for experimentally driven research was also established. This is OneLab (https://onelab.eu/).

TSSG research goals were originally in the IMS area and how that technology could integrate with the other testbeds in the federation. That quickly broadened as we investigated Software Defined Networking (SDN) and created an OpenFlow framework for experimentation. Within this testbed experimenters can provision resources and host intelligent logic from P2P routing algorithms.

The contacts we have made and the partnerships established will no doubt see TSSG collaborate with OpenLab colleagues in the future. Meanwhile TSSG work in this space continues through the ongoing XiFi initiative.

For more information on OpenLab contact Phelim Dowling or Joe Tynan