Mo-bizz participates in ‘Innovation in the Cloud’ event in Lisbon

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Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.06.19An ‘Innovation in the Cloud’ event took place on January 28th to 29th 2015, at the PT Showroom of Forum Picoas, in Lisbon.

Organised by Portugal Telecom, the dissemination event presented a range of PT participation and Innovation Projects. These included participation of Cloud ICT FP7 projects including Mo-bizz, MCN, T-NOVA, MobiCloud, OPENi, FITMAN, SeaClouds and MODAclouds.

Telma Mota, Coordinator of Mo-bizz and from Portugal Telecom, welcomed a large group of participants and visitors.

António Cruz, gave an overview of the Mo-bizz vision and application. Mo-bizz aims to open up a mobile cloud ecosystem to pan-European and global audiences and part of the project partner value proposition, includes self-service on boarding of Web APIs and SaaS Apps, an online catalogue and store, ePayments, billing, social identity integration, usage reports, performance and availability monitoring. In addition, its value to partners, include infrastructure management and a first in this area, it facilitates 24-hour support. The customer value proposition, offers consolidated IT Marketplace of SaaS apps and APIs, a catalogue of semantic capabilities, a Mo-Bizz certification promoting trust and security, social identity providers integration and again a first with 24 hour support. Finally, part of the project’s partner value proposition allows partners to self-on-board their offers, provides standardized business and management processes to lower integration costs, quickly launch innovative products and services and enable B2B and B2B2C revenue sharing models.

Mariano Cecowski of XLAB, gave an overview of the Mo-bizz platform and some of the current and projected services on Mo-bizz, including ISL Web Chat (web-based remote support/desktop system), PT SMS/MMS service and Simobil SMS/MMS Service. Part of the business enablers, include a new sales channel and certification program, online payments, unified billing and increased security (i.e. DoS protection, hidden entry points, etc.), as well as API usages reports and statistics.
Other presentations and demonstrations were provided from a range of Cloud platforms and EU projects. Opening presentation from Luis Cordeiro and Bruno Sousa, of ONESource project presented MCN: DNSaaS (A MCN service) project, giving an overview of DNSaas and supports from records, load balancing, location based content delivery, security extension of DNS, fail-over mechanisms and multi-tenancy supports and an introduction to the DNSaaS architecture and performance evaluation. Lucio Ferreira presented MCN: RANaaS, an MCN service. José Bonnet of PT Telecom, introduced T-NOVA and orchestrating network services on a big data flavour, giving an overview of T-NOVA’s key features and principles, on it’s Network Function Store and marketplace VNFs and VIMs. In addition, Aurora Ramos López of ATOS Spain, gave an overview of T-NOVA’s Virtual Network Functions Marketplace and some of the projects market advantages including Rapid Service innovation to software-based deployment of network functions and E2E services, CAPEX/OPEX reduction and improved operational efficiencies.
From the MobiCloud project, Vincent Dollet, explained a new SDK for creating construction applications, with implementations in city transit, rail, construction and field services. In addition, Iosif Alvertis (NTUA) gave an overview of the OPENi project APIs and personal cloudlets.

Demonstrations were given by the ‘FITMAN’ project – which creates new applications and is a service enabler for the manufacturing area, ‘MODAclouds’ which designs and executes applications on multiple clouds, and ‘SeaClouds’ an adaptive multi-cloud management system of service based applications. Overall, the event and showcase presented an excellent overview of some of the new and exciting developments taking place at present in the EU cloud networking, applications and marketplace fields, across R&D and innovation projects. Portugal Telecom must be commended in the success of this event.

For more information on Mo-Bizz, email us at admin@mobizz-project.eu or visit the mo-bizz website at http://www.mobizz-project.eu/.