The Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience: KickStarter

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Landing on the moon was one of the greatest achievements mankind has ever embarked on and now it’s time for you to step into Neil Armstrong’s shoes and experience what it was like to live through this historic event with thanks to Oculus Virtual Reality Technology.

Using NASA archive footage and audio, Immersive VR Education have created an inspirational journey that they hope will engage students and give them a better understanding of the events that took place way back in 1969.

C.E.O David Whelan goes further and says “We don’t just want kids to read about history we want them to experience history as a living entity that they can relate to.”

Immersive VR Education demoed the Apollo 11 Experience at CBS School in New Ross, with technical support from TSSG Waterford, a location that is famous for being the ancestral home of the Kennedy family and their most famous son President John. F. Kennedy.

The Apollo 11 experience includes J.F.Ks famous Moon Speech and the students got their first taste of Virtual Reality as they climbed aboard the Saturn V rocket. The Apollo experience puts you in the shoes Neil Armstrong for the world’s most historic event and the feedback from the students and teachers was overwhelmingly positive and in some cases life changing for the users.

Eoin Colfer 14 said:
“It was quite weird – I could hear people in the background but it still felt like I was out in space.”

Sophie Doyle 13 said:
“It’s such a visual experience you feel like you are there”

The Apollo 11 experience was launched on Kickstarter on Saturday the 7th of February with an early prototype demo which is freely available for download. Once released quite a lot of the Virtual Reality community on Reddit posted their thoughts on the experience.

Reddit user Deep Rifter stated:
“Ran through it twice, teared up twice. Thanks so much for this! Really powerful.”

Reddit user g0dmphia stated:
“O my God I shed tears at the end, no joke…as an aerospace engineer, this is the dream come true…Back it right now!”

David stated in a TV interview from research carried out by Professor Edger Dale that “ Students typically remember 10% of what they read and only 30% of what they hear after a 2 week period. However students remember 90% of what they experience. Our motto is Learn Through Experience and Virtual Reality is the only medium that can achieve this type of realism to have a lasting effect on its users.

Immersive VR Education are seeking funding on Kickstarter to continue development of the experience and have plans to create a whole suite of virtual reality educational experiences for use in schools and colleges throughout the world and will be demoing new software shortly that they hope will change the face of education forever.

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