Irish Academia and Industry poised to lead the Development of Next Generation Internet

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TSSG Testbeds, based at WIT West Campus, Carriganore, Waterford.

TSSG Testbeds, based at WIT West Campus, Carriganore, Waterford.

Software Defined Networks (SDN) is a highly topical, yet still emerging, network management architecture. While its adoption is increasing, many firms have yet to fully appreciate the capabilities offered by SDN, the means by which it can be deployed, and the benefits it provides. In brief, SDN directly address issues such as provisioning of network-wide policies, scalability, vendor lock-in, and complexity.

Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) in association with the IDA hosted an event at Wilton Park House yesterday, Tuesday 31st March on ‘Driving Innovation for the next Generation, SDN Workshop’

This event brings together key industry players and SDN researchers with a focus on presenting SDN trends, challenges and deployment solutions. Culminating in a pan-Ireland call to action to establish an industrial-academic working group focused on SDN/NFV research, development and deployment.

Presenters included Prof Willie Donnelly, VP of Research at WIT, Director and Founder of TSSG and Deputy Director of CONNECT, Prof Linda Doyle, TCD, Director of CONNECT who presented on ‘The Software Defined World’; Michael Brennan from INTEL and Tom Farrell who represented the Open Network Forum (ONF).

“The events main objective was to begin a discussion on Software Defined Networks (SDN) / Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) research by reaching out to industry to engage with the research community.  Prof Willie Donnelly said, by working with industry, we would be looking ahead for opportunities for us all. We (TSSG) intend to put together a focused working group, to drive solutions for industry and bring new, innovative ideas to market.

He went on to say, if you were unable to attend today’s event and are interested in participating in a pan-Ireland industrial-academic working group focused on SDN/NFV research, development and deployment contact TSSG’s COO, Kevin Doolin 

The event was full of lively discussion and interest from both industry and academia to engage with SDN and to work together in order to enhance and appreciate the capabilities offered by SDN and the wider community who support it.

TSSG host several SDN / NFV testbeds and offer opportunities for industry to engage with them, using various funding options. Dr Steven Davy is currently working on a project which is looking at the monetization of High Density WIFI at large venue’s, this is one use case, which clearly showcases the use of SDN and NFV to impact industry.