Barry O’Sullivan CEO, Altocloud successful collaboration with TSSG

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pictured Barry O Sullivan, CEO Altocloud

Barry O’ Sullivan CEO Altocloud a Silicon Valley technology company which also has a base in Galway, best known to the Irish public as one of the exacting investors on Dragons’ Den has successful collaboration with TSSG.

Altocloud is a software services company that combines machine learning with real-time communications, this SaaS solution intelligently identifies the optimal online visitors and delivers tailored chat, voice, video and content so customers get the information and help they need at exactly the right moment. The company was formed with the help of Enterprise Ireland through the innovation process (Innovation Voucher & Innovation Partner) which allowed them to work with TSSG to build a prototype.  This prototype enabled Altocloud to showcase their vision to prospective customers and investors.  O’Sullivan said “Without the TSSG help it would have been difficult for us to get it done and that really was the first step which allow us to get our first round of Angel Funding being able to show people something new and something different that they would like to invest in”.

In addition, Altocloud worked with TSSG on numerous other new technologies which are going to change the way real time communications works.    By working with TSSG, Altocloud was able to gain expertise when they had limited resources and start quickly with the right architecture that’s scaling with them as they grow.   The combination of research depth and the pragmatic ability to take that research will have an impact on what Altocloud want to do in the market going forward.

Founded in 2013, Altocloud is led by a seasoned team with experience in some of the world’s best-know technology companies.

Barry O Sullivan Dragons’ Den and CEO Altocloud company testimonial see below