Irish Winner accounted as a Global winner at TADHack

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TADHack-2015 2Last weekend, Kodacall, a SpinOut of Telecommunications Software and System Group (TSSG) headed up a very successful global hackathon, TADHack at the NDRC, The Digital Exchange, Dublin.

Entries even came from WebRTC Security headed by Alan Johnston, who were not pitching for a prize, but, rather using TADHack as a platform to promote an important security issue on ‘man in the middle attacks’ with WebRTC.

There were numerous prize winners worldwide and Neil Flynn who works at TSSG as a Software Developer won a global prize for his hack on a client that can store Customer to Customer Agent conversations.

The OPENi project developer took part in the hackathon to increase the exposure of OPENi Project and to develop an application using the OPENi Platform. The application developed over the weekend targeted the area of customer service and the conversation users have with customer service agents.


Pictured Neil Flynn, TSSG

Neil Flynn spoke about the hack by saying “The “My Customer Service” application used the OPENi Android SDK to allow the application use the features of the OPENi Platform and used the Forge by Acision SDK to provide the application with real time messaging.

“The application provided the user a real time connection with a customer service agent with whom they could talk. Once the conversation had ended the user could then save the entire conversation to their OPENi Cloudlet using the Android SDKs Authentication dialogs and access to APIs.

He went on to say “The experience of TADHack, Dublin gave me the opportunity to discover new ways to add communications to the Openi Platform. The overall event was brilliant for anyone to develop out communicatons for both services or business.  It allowed them to learn, share, code and create new real time web communications for IoT, WebRTC and Teleco APIs. I was delighted to hear yesterday that I had won an overal global prize, and I have no doubt that the Openi project team at TSSG will be trilled to hear of my sucess”

TADHack ‘15 was roughly double the size of last year, with close to 1400 registrations, 800+ attendees and 90+ hacks.  It was an intense experience for everyone involved.   Cooperation between teams was amazing, diversity is important to winning and the sponsors had an intense couple of days as developers hacked hard on their APIs and platforms.

Brendan Kearns, Office of the CTO, Eircom spoke of Ireland having a fine tradition of supplying innovation to the mobile industry and said: “We are always looking at different ways to convert, enhance, and handle phone calls, and with WebRTC being a disruptive force in the communications world we want to help software developers to re-imagine live calling experiences for our connected web world. With the rapid rise in the adoption of the WebRTC standard I can see innovative developments and value that can be created for our business customers and consumers.”