Fuseami wins €112k to support rollout of its business networking service

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Pic. Kevin Doolin, COO. TSSG & Founder of Fuseami

Having supported some hugely successful spin-out companies such as FeedHenry which sold for €65m to Red Hat the Waterford based TSSG which is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for ICT is notching up another notable success.

The plaudits now go to start-up company Fuseami which was founded a year ago by city man Kevin Doolin and as the company prepares for a ‘spin-out’ next month it has just won €112,000 in support for its business networking service.

Having given its name to a to a newly developed app which will help make connections between like-minded business people across the globe Fuseami is the first company to bring a truly advanced solution to the challenge of how to find the best people to connect with at a conference and it has now also been accepted into the European F1-C3 accelerator programme.

The programme focuses on developing new Internet services across areas of Smart Cities, Media and Content, and Care and Wellbeing. Out of 352 entries from across Europe, only 28 companies were selected for funding.

The funding of €112,000 over a nine month period, is combined with mentorship and other supports from the accelerator programme.

Fuseami founder Kevin Doolin, has already managed a number of large EU research programmes and he developed the networking app  concept out of several years of work on a €15 million project called ‘Societies’ which was based on IoT technologies. He has refined the technology into a concept for the spin out ‘fuseami’ and has spent the last two years working on the technology with software developers from TSSG, with the support of Enterprise Ireland.

Barry Downes, CEO of TSSG and Founder of FeedHenry has congratulated Kevin Doolin on winning the funding by saying “Kevin Doolin has worked on pervasive computing for over 10 years and fuseami is the accumulation of those years of research. His work has taken the pain out of business networking at conferences. By using fuseami, you maximise your networking opportunity and find the best connections, no matter how matter how many people are at the conference”.

Speaking to the Waterford News & Star Kevin who hails from Somerville Avenue but now resides at Maypark Village, on the Dunmore Road said it was a simple concept. Every day across the world thousands of business people attend large scale conferences. The vast majority have a huge amount in common but making personal connections can at best be difficult and at worst virtually impossible.

As a result potentially valuable connections are missed but that is now a thing of the past. In Lisbon, last week, at a conference attended by some 7,000 people Fuesami was working to great effect putting people in touch with each other. “Even if you did not get around to everyone in a short space of time then you can catch up from your own office back home,” said Kevin

“All you have to do is to log in and Fuesami works out who is the most relevant person to talk to,” he added.

Asked how the name came about he said that it was “made up.” It could be interpreted as a fusion of social and ambient intelligence or if you split the words up it could be interpreted to be a fuse of amis (friends).

Next month Fuesami will have its ‘spin-out’ which is the first step in developing a company of world renown which will no doubt put Waterford and TSSG on the map.

Michael Fennelly is the CEO of Fuseami, and in the coming months two new developers will be joining the company.

Meanwhile, Kevin Doolin who previously worked with Ericsson and in the ICT department of the IDA before joining TSSG at Carriganore, will remain on in his current role as Chief Operations Officer and Director of European Union Programmes.

In that role Kevin is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the seven individual research units at TSSG, which he coordinates alongside the Unit Managers. He is also responsible for the strategic approach and development of each unit, including but not limited to the key cross-unit decisions, assisting in commercial, research and proposal development of each unit.

Written and Published by Marion O Mara, Waterford News & Star