Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) PhD student on visit to Osaka University, Japan.

By 30th October 2015 No Comments

Pic. from left to right, Dr. Ferdinand Peper, Dr. Kenji Leibnitz & Armita Afsharinejad

Currently, PhD Student Armita Afsharinejad is visiting Dr. Tadashi Nakano’s lab in Osaka University, Japan.  Dr. Nakano and his research team are among the top leaders of the molecular nano-scale communication networks in the world.  The target of this 6 weeks long visit is to get more insight of the recent advancement in the area of molecular nanonetworks, as well as seeking any potential collaboration opportunities between the two institutes in the domain of nano-scale communication networks.

During her visit, Armita has presented her research work in the field of THz vegetation monitoring nanonetworks to a group of PhD students and professors at the Osaka University. The aforementioned topic, which is proposed by Armita, can be employed in the smart agricultural systems and also in the bigger area of the Internet of Nano-Things.

According to the attractiveness of the topic and also Armita’s research achievements, the attending professors expressed their desire to collaborate with TSSG scientists for joint researches in this area. As a result, further presentation on this topic is being scheduled for a larger number of attendees.