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Network Enabled Testbeds

By 24th November 2015 No Comments

Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunications, Software & Systems Group (TSSG)  was invited to present at the HEAnet National Conference 2015.

In this talk TSSG presented testbeds for research and development. More specifically, looking at making testbed resources accessible over networks (the most common of which is the Internet). Testbeds require bigger user communities to become sustainable due to their specialised nature. Exposing the resources of different classes of test facilities has long been a component of European research. These programmes and resources are utilised to showcase technologies being developed by some of the leading research groups at HEAnet clients such as TSSG and CTVR.


TSSG, in partnership with HEAnet, deployed a Multi-Domain Virtual Private Network (MDVPN) as part of the EU XiFi project. MDVPN is a GÉANT service that enables to creation of large-scale multi-site meshed VPNs, in this case 16 sites were involved. The VPN connected each of the nodes, or data centers, to each other in a mesh, enabling the federation of resources within each node to be used by all the members of the federation, whilst achieving reliable performance. This resulted in a EU wide testbed being created that provided distributed cloud infrastructures for SMEs (the XiFi end-users) to leverage.

While XiFi has concluded, this infrastructure continues to be developed as part of the FIPPP capacity building and technology foundation activities. This is visible as FIWARE Lab – a pre-production facility for test and trial of FI applications. This is being actively used in Phase 3 Accelerators for SMEs across many domains. If you’re an SME looking to develop your next generation of technology, please contact TSSG