Virtual Reality meets Art

By 4th December 2015 No Comments


Carsten Höller: Decision

Belgian Artist Carsten Höller immersed visitors into a series of environments with the exhibition ‘Decision’ held in the Hayward Gallery London. The exhibition, which ran from June to September this year explored perception and decision making through an interactive gallery. Visitors were invited to take a pill with the contents unknown, view the world upside down, walk through a series of tunnels in complete darkness and even fly above London traffic in a harness.

One of the most intriguing pieces however was a series of VR headsets mounted on a wall. Visitors queued for almost an hour just to put on the headsets and see the virtual world inside. Although the final result was not that thrilling, simply the image of a forest at night. The two-screen video of the forest splits the viewer’s vision in two, with each eye showing a different path.

Of all the different aspects of the exhibition, people seemed most interested in the headsets, simply to figure out what could be seen inside the virtual world. With this level of intrigue from the public it will be interesting to see how other artists might use Virtual Reality in the future. Hopefully they will work on pushing the boundaries with original and interesting content.