New Framework Puts Europe Firmly on Trajectory for Becoming World Leaders in Privacy and Cyber Security Innovation

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– Commission gives Europe’s First Innovation Framework for Privacy and Cyber Security Market Opportunities (IPACSO) Seal of Approval –

IPACSONew Framework Puts Europe Firmly on Trajectory for Becoming World Leaders in Privacy and Cyber Security Innovation
An EU-funded consortium is hoping to transform Europe’s competitiveness in privacy and cyber security (PACS) innovation, through a dynamic new framework which supports ICT security innovators find their road to market in a faster, more effective and efficient manner.

For the first time Europe’s cyber security entrepreneurs will have access to a €1 million, state-of-the-art knowledge and decision-support tool to bolster their commercial excellence. It is hoped this framework will ensure this sector, which has an estimated value in Europe of €21.2 billion with forecasted growth reaching €32.5 billion in 2020, can be an even greater contributor to the Euro-wide economy.

The IPACSO Framework is the culmination of a two-year project spearheaded by a diverse range of industry, academic, R&D and policymaking experts [1]. Its development was enabled by extensive research into the PACS industry and regulatory environment as well as intensive collaborative with stakeholders through workshops, training and proactive outreach. The output is an important knowledge asset for researchers/innovators, cyber security companies and investors involved in the PACS space.

IPACSO project coordinator, Zeta Dooly says: “We are delighted to have the project formally approved by the Commission and given ‘excellent’ in its assessment. Its completion marks an important milestone in Europe’s Strategic Research Agenda set out in H2020 [2]. We concur with the Commissions Technical Report that says ‘there is potential for a very relevant impact of this project especially for the future cyber security cPPP and related activities’.

We acknowledge the support of the PACS community, the 100 plus cyber security starters we have trained and the 300 European cyber security innovators who registered for our awards. We hope this framework will to continue to inspire innovators and provide valuable support to new ventures beyond the lifetime of the project.”

IPACSO Framework is built around five themes, each comprising detailed methodologies, which are instrumental in the innovation process. The “Ideas Theme” offers techniques for either implementing, managing or improving innovation procedures; the “Product Theme” addresses getting a fundable idea to the market; the “Process Theme” provides guidance on the application of innovation processes; the “Market Theme” comprises fine grained analysis of this emerging field while the “People Theme” covers the human resources aspect of innovation as well as an overview of cyber-security associations in Europe.

IPACSO will continue to exist as a Community of European Cyber Security and Privacy Innovators, both people, companies and supporting organisations such as Cyber Security and Privacy technology investors, Network Information Security Platform and other related experts and organisations.

The IPACSO framework and all supporting materials are available on its website: www.ipacso.eu