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RINA and next generation protocols reveal insights to bring the Internet beyond 2020.

By 22nd February 2016 No Comments

TSSG researchers are leaping that chasm from abstract research concept to having its work reviewed and considered by an industry standards body.
ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, has launched a new Industry Specifications Group (ISG) to start work on Next-Generation Protocols (NGP). It is a process to look to evolve beyond what the current TCP/IP Protocol suite can provide. The NGP group had its kick-off meeting in London during January 2016 with a follow up meeting to be held in  March 2016.
Amongst the topics discussed was RINA, a key research topic of TSSG for the past 5 years, with PRISTINE co-ordinator Miguel Ponce de Leon participating in this inaugural meeting of the NGP group.
RINA was presented as an architectural framework that has the potential to solve the problems that this group want to tackle. Interesting discussions have been ongoing since the meeting and there’s a view that specifications and recommendations on the infocomms protocols for beyond 2020 should come out of this group, with a white paper due to be published Q4 2016.  Progress updates will be made over the coming months.