TSSG presents at mHealth Conference 2016

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Denise Manton (Research Unit Manager, Mobile Services) attended the international mHealth conference in Galway,  June 16th.

mhealth pic

Pic. Denise Manton with fellow speakers & committee members at the mHealth Conference

The conference hosted by the mHealth Research Group proved to be a great success, drawing leading academic researchers and industry members from multiple disciplines to come together to present various aspects of their mHealth evidence based research and case studies. An impressive line-up of speakers included Professor Sean Mackey and Dr. Beth Darnall (Stanford), Dr. Jennifer Stinson (Associate Professor, University of Toronto), Professor Susan Michie (University College London), Avril Copeland (Tickerfit), Eamonn Costello (patientMpower), Dr. Felix Naughton (University of Cambridge), Professor David French (The University of Manchester), Dr. Leanne Morrisson (University of Southampton), Dr. Conor Linehan (UCC), Angeline Traynor (NUIG), and Jim Gregg (The Irish Computer Society).

Denise presented on mHealth from a technology perspective, and how the role of technology and TSSG can help meet mHealth expectations. This topic proved to be a good complement between other keynote speakers focussing on behavioural science studies carried out specifically in mHealth areas.

The broad area of mHealth can have a direct impact on how we live and how we both prevent and fight disease. TSSG is proud to be paving the way for creating innovative and safe mHealth software that will ultimately contribute to better health outcomes. https://twitter.com/MHealthConf

Listen to Denise present at mHealth