Deliver fast and scale: meeting the demands of a tech savvy society

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TSSG hosts successful Internet of Things (IoT) event at Conrad Hotel, Dublin, Wednesday November 2nd where they outlined demands of a tech savvy society.


Pic. Dr. Steven Davy, TSSG

Current trends show that hitting the market with a new concept fast will be critical, and with the emergence of IoT, the potential possibility and opportunities to gain overnight success are huge.

Hurdles that typically delay early MVPs from “hitting the shelf” can include poorly set up development environments, inflexible software architectures, ineffective development, staging and production pipelines and lack of large scale testing.

Below are TSSG’s tips to ensure your next MVP and scaling product will be a success.

Virtual Development Environments:

When you have a fast growing team of developers, you need to make sure they are all developing code on a level playing field. Using technologies such as vagrant and docker can allow your developers to get coding faster, with less time wasted configuring development environments

Message Oriented Architectures:

If you expect you software architecture to change from MVP to full scale product, considering using a message oriented architecture, with a message bus such as RabbitMQ or commit log such as Kafka. In future releases you will not need to throw out as much early code.

Micro Service Architectures:

A micro service allows you to make more effective use of cloud computing resources, where you just need to scale the most popular services, rather than spinning up many virtual machines with redundant services. Micro services also force you to think about using the best technology for each service, so not everything uses the same stack. This can benefit the fault tolerance of your system. Have another look at docker

Open stack environment:

Open stack, an open source and on premise infrastructure as a service solution can insulate you from the dependencies of commercial cloud providers. If you design your software stack to run on open stack, then you can readily move between cloud providers. Ansible is an essential devops tool to ensure you can move provider quickly.

Realistic test load environments:

To fully understand how your website, mobile app, cloud service will perform in the wild, you need to ensure that you are testing for scalability and performance. If you use testing framework like JMeter, you can do significant load testing upfront.

TSSG has refined an effective, agile development practice that allows us to work on many software projects in parallel, to ensure projects start fast and deliver commercially valuable results quickly. With the current boom in IoT related products and services, TSSG are ready to help you build and scale your next product.

To learn more about how TSSG can assist you please contact Dr. Steven Davy