TSSG attending 5th International Cycling Conference, Bologna, Italy.

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Intelligent and Safer Junctions, Supporting Safer Cycling presented at the 5th International Cycling Conference

safer cycleFrom 2 – 4 of November ICSC2016 took place in the medieval city of Bologna Italy.  Researchers and experts in the area of cycling safety from all over the globe attended the conference, with some coming from as far a field as New Zealand and Canada.  Some of the topics covered in the conference ranged in genre from the psychology of cyclists to technological solutions like active safety systems.

TSSG ‘s  David Ryan presented Intelligent and Safer Junctions, Supporting Safer Cycling paper in the Active Safety Systems session on behalf of the TSSG team who wrote the paper which was based on a safety system that alerts motorists on the presence of a cyclist at a roundabout junction.

Overall, the feedback on presentation was very positive with the main comments complimenting the low cost, easy deployable nature of the system.  It was also many researchers first time to hear of TSSG and they were very complimentary on the range of projects undertaken by the organisation and also the ability of TSSG  to attract talented researchers from all over the globe.

To summarise, it seems that the Cycling Safety research area is very active and judging from the head of unit in the H2020 Transport group Marcel Romerts’ comments in his keynote speech the focus from an EU level remains on making cycling safer for all.