What it takes to digitize your business

By 21st March 2017 No Comments

Bannerr workshopOn Wednesday March 29 TSSG hosted a free 2-hour morning workshop in Kilkenny on “What it takes to Digitize your business”

Over the past number of years we have seen a consistent trend where businesses in the traditional services sectors such as insurance, financial, construction are transforming their industry works. We are seeing technology driven business models that operate on a global forum, disrupt how local services companies operate. The aim of this workshop was to help bring existing business to a new level by using technology to be more efficient and reach new customers.  It included several successful case studies of businesses  including eDrive, Waterford who reinvented a traditional business by utilising information they already had to digitize their business.

The event was hosted in conjunction with eDIGIREGION, Kilkenny Leo, ArcLabs