“Connected and Automated Driving – Together, shaping the future”

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EUCAD_1TSSG’s DURGA PRASAD KAKOLLU attends first European conference on “Connected and Automated Driving – Together, shaping the future”.

This event was hosted by the European Commission, with the support of the EC-funded projects CARTRE and SCOUT, and its first European conference on connected and automated driving.  Major road transport stakeholders that are automotive and telecom industry, users, road operators, public transport operators, regulators, research centres, universities and representatives of both the EC and EU Member States were present. The four main themes at the conference were transport policy issues, technological challenges, legal and regulatory frameworks and digital transformation. The conference focuses on the significant progress made in developing automated road transport technologies, such as advanced vehicle control, vehicle localization systems, data processing, artificial intelligence or user interfaces, fostered by Horizon 2020, the EU research and innovation programme.

The keynote speech was given by Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, on Automated road transport. He has mentioned Automated road transport is such a fast-moving and important area that it requires a coordinated and a collaborative approach within and between the public and the private sphere. Carlos quotation: “The future of cars depends on a triangle between automation, connection and electric engine”. He believes that more jobs will be created by technology than jobs lost(drivers).

Some Points By MOVE Commissioner Violeta Bulç: EUCAD_2

Why? 26 000 deaths per year on road; Congestion costs: 1bn EUR per day

What? “Vision zero”: Elderly and disabled can use driver-less vehicles; carbon emissions close to zero. CAD enables new value added logistic chain (Ex supply of fresh fruit, vegetable and meat).

How? All together.

“Connected and automated driving is not just a technology, Its people Safely”

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