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The Conversational Interface Conference, Dublin May 4.

By 24th April 2017 No Comments

ConverCon-Dublin-Science-Gallery-My-4thWhen is it on?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

How many years has it been going?

First ever ConverCon

What was the inspiration to start it?

Organiser, Paul Sweeney from artificial intelligence experts, Webio, is anxious to get the tech and business communities together so that everyone can understand and maximise the potential offered by artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces and be ready for a very different communications environment in the not too distant future.

What exciting things can people look forward to for the 2017 version?

The world’s leading software technology companies, designers and business executives will get together to figure out the best way of making ‘conversational interfaces’ work in real life for businesses, brands and customers.

It includes a practical, pragmatic focus on why conversational interaction is a problem worth solving. They will look at achieving the right messaging; why companies need conversational interfaces and will get advice from experts on what to avoid and how to deliver amazing experiences in a real world.

Practical guidelines for digital strategy leaders will be shared and delegates will be catapulted into the future with a look at the world beyond mobile and into the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) conversation. All the conversations will focus around building brand loyalty and awareness, winning and retaining customers and ultimately, going where we’ve never gone before in terms of harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, AI.

 What opportunities are on offer for people / startups / investors and companies attending?

Business owners and managers charged with embracing such innovations, enhancing customer experiences, digitally transforming their company and interacting with their public in new and engaging ways have a unique opportunity at ConverCon to learn how to survive, grow and increase their market share with the help of experts from Intercom, Google, Facebook, Webio, Microsoft HoloLens and more.

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

There are networking opportunities from 12 noon and again after the event so definitely allow loads of time.

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?

For tickets and further information, visit and

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

The programme will include panel discussions and breakout sessions with tech players like Benjamin Keyser from Intercom; Adrian Zumbrunnen from Google; Bojana Jamborcic from Typeform; Dirk Songuer of Microsoft HoloLens; Brian Heron from Each&Other as well as John Fitzpatrick from Voysis, Julian Decot from Facebook and more.

Written & published by Simon Coking, Irish Tech News