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TSSG attends ITS Ireland and ITS UK Enforcement Interest Group Meeting

By 5th May 2017 No Comments

its_irelandOn April 27th the annual meeting was hosted at ARUP in Dublin. The conference had speakers from both Ireland and the UK in the ITS sector. Superintendent O’Donohue gave a presentation on safety cameras in Ireland. He explained how the use of marked safety camera vans on known dangerous stretches of road are used to reduce the number of speed related collisions and increase compliance with speed limits. Ken Pierce and Riobard Pierce gave presentations on the Eflow tolling system on the M50.  At the time it was launched it was one of the first free flow tolling systems in the world.  They described the challenges in promoting the system to the public and getting people to pay the toll.

John Jones from Atkins gave a presentation on the Smart Motorway System used on the M25 in England.  Smart Motorways use a series of speed cameras and speed signs where the speed limit can be varied.  This allows the speed limit to be reduced while road works are being carried out and the speed limit is enforced with the cameras.  The smart motorway operates over four lanes with no hard shoulder.  This gives a 10% increase in traffic volumes.  Luke Macauley from Transport Scotland gave a presentation on the Average Speed Enforcement System used in Scotland.  Average speed cameras are used on three routes in Scotland. The installation of this system has seen a reduction in speed on the road where they are installed.

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