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Chris Buggy, Intern at TSSGThird year BSc (Hons) Applied Computing student Chris found work placement at TSSG thanks to the varied modules he is studying in his chosen course

Third year BSc (Hons) Applied Computing student Chris Buggy is currently undertaking his work placement with the Telecommunications Software Systems Group (TSSG) in the IG department.


Chris’ reason for choosing Applied Computing was fuelled by the option to choose particular streams as well as cloud infrastructure, having completed a FETAC course and enrolling in WIT through the progression route.

“I chose WIT because it has good computer science courses and it’s close to where I live. WIT also has strong links to local companies that take on students for work after graduation.”

Work placement

He began his work placement in January and will remain there until September when he will return to college for his final year of study.

“So far I love [the work placement], I have wrote python scripts for monitoring the data centre, assisted in deploying a cloud infrastructure, set up servers, worked on maintenance of a supercomputer and I have been asked to work on European project as a python Developer for the rest of my placement.”

From one student to another

When offering advice to students, Chris wholeheartedly believes in asking for help, “If you’re struggling, go to your lecturers, ask them for help when you need it and your class mates, because you’re all in it together.”

Chris also suggests keeping on top of college work will make the end of year exams more manageable, “It’s a lot easier to do one hour of study a night than seven on a Sunday. For computer students, the best way to learn about something is to learn how to break it.”

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