Postdoctoral Research Fellows (SFI Funding Opportunities)

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TSSG is seeking a number of postdoctoral research fellows to join the centre and encourages potential candidates to apply through competitive funding schemes, which includes:

Science Foundation Ireland Industry Fellowship Programme (http://www.sfi.ie/funding/funding-calls/sfi-industry-fellowship-programme/).

The research areas of interest is Closed Loop Neurostimulation.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows in TSSG are required to support the basic research work in their respective units, and this includes participating and supporting in development of proposals (SFI, EU H2020), as well as joint supervision of PhD students, and collaboration with peers. TSSG provides support to allow successful candidates to pursue independent research in their area of interest, as long as this falls in line with the thematic areas of the unit. This allows researchers to develop their own independent groups to advance their research interests. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the Dr Sasitharan Balasubramaniam (sasib@tssg.org) / Denise Manton (dmanton@tssg.org) for further information.