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Multi Million Euro TERAPOD Project Overview

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Terapod Overview Video

The TERAPOD team have launched a new video giving an overview on the project and the implications this research will have on future networks. TERAPOD aims to investigate and demonstrate the feasibility of ultra-high bandwidth wireless access networks operating in the Terahertz (THz) band. The project will significantly progress innovations across the full communications protocol stack. A THz communication system will be developed, driven by ‘beyond 5G’ requirements, and demonstrated in a data center as an example of a “first adopter” operational setting.

TSSG are project co-ordinators and leading the EU-backed initiative and partnering with Dell EMC means they can test their findings in both the TSSG’s own and Dell EMC’s extensive data centre networks, TSSG’s Dr. Davy said. Their partners include the University of Glasgow and University College London, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and Bay Phonics in the UK. German partners include TU Braunschweig, Vivid Components and ACST. The sole Spanish partner is VLC Photonics and the multinational team also includes Inesc Tec from Portugal.

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