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The future of Autonomous Vehicles in Europe looks promising with Research from Centre’s such as TSSG.

By 4th May 2018 No Comments

The Irish Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) Research Showcase took place in Killarney on the 2nd May 2018. The CAV seminar included speakers from both academia and private sectors showcasing the projects they are actively involved in to grow the autonomous vehicle industry. TSSG of Waterford Institute of Technology was in attendance and Frances Cleary, a Research Unit Manager at TSSG, actively participated as a speaker at the event providing an overview of the Applied IOT Cluster and also giving an insight into current active projects the TSSG have in this CAV domain.

The A-IoT Cluster is a consortium of five of Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Gateways, providing a single point of contact for companies looking to access technical capabilities for Internet of Things (IoT) research and development. Via the cluster, industry can connect with 300 research professionals in software, hardware, communications/networks, data analytics, control, UI/UX and trialling. The A-IoT Cluster is open to all companies, of any size, nationally and internationally. TSSG actively leads one of three Gateway’s in Waterford Institute of Technology which is part of the AIoT Cluster.

Ms. Cleary went on to give an insight into the TransSec EU H2020 project, where TSSG participate and bring their expertise and actively lead tasks relating to V2X communications and Risk communication. TransSec project focuses on the use of autonomous emergency vehicle manoeuvring and monitoring for road transport security. Ms. Cleary also gave an insight into the GreeNway project (Advanced GPS algorithm for triggering the traffic lights to bypass emergency vehicles) and an insight into the Brain to vehicle communications project underway within the TSSG MEPS unit, focusing on leveraging EEG mind control and assessing signal processing, control and reaction levels.

The CAV event was followed by the Electronomous International Conference with an Irish context bringing together top experts in the field of Electric Vehicles, Connected Car Technology, ADAS, Cyber Security and Autonomous Vehicles. Now in its second year, Electronomous International Conference has become a key Industry event and provides a unique glimpse at how technology will affect the Automotive Industry, Insurance industry, Car Finance Industry, Car Sales and Motoring into the future. Discussions surrounding security and safety were the focus of these events along with a very interesting and insightful presentation from Erik Lorentzen from Norwegian EV Success; Norway are currently leading the charge in electric/hybrid vehicles with 200,000 on the roads compared to 5,000 in Ireland.

Watch this space as we announce more research break-through’s in the areas of autonomous vehicle and anti-terrorism.