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Multi-Million Euro National Supercomputer based in Waterford

By 16th May 2018 No Comments

Since 2013, TSSG has been home to Ireland’s Supercomputer named ‘Fionn’. This supercomputer was installed at TSSG’s data centre in W.I.T with the Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) managing its operation.

Just 5 years later, Fionn has become obsolete and is being retired later this year. What will take its place? A new National Supercomputer has been announced by NUI Galway and ICHEC today with funding of €5.4 million from Science Foundation Ireland. The yet-to-be-named Supercomputer will be managed and operated by NUI Galway and ICHEC. The new computer will provide researchers with the high performance processing power to continue and advance their work into a number of industries including Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – areas TSSG are at the fore front of.

Your school can get involved in naming the Supercomputer by voting for one of six pioneering Irish researchers in fields including Geology and Programming. To enter visit 

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Listen to Neil Wilson of ICHEC interview on Morning Ireland @ 1:55:33